How is the personalized blanket made and what is it?


It is mainly a blanket that we build step by step following your directions. The instructions are simple. You will need to tell us from the list of available materials and features which one is best suited to your needs and wants, then contact us and tell us about it.

Not only that, if you belong to an association or company we can include your brand or logo in the fabric so that everyone knows you wherever you distribute or move.

Take a look at our requirements list below and follow each section step by step to find out what you need

And click on the form button above for more specific details


1 Materials

To protect you from the cold or to defend yourself from constant rain or snow, what equipment do you need? We will also work with other material of your choice such as wool, hair cloth, canvas, minky cloth, polar fleece, etc. Be sure to tell us the fabric and we will include it


The power of imagination

If you want to take your culture with you, we can make it real by designing the blanket with typical fabrics from your region so that you can use them for any festivity or social situation you wish.


Let us know with our list above what you want step by step and if you want your logo or brand embroidered or printed on the blanket.

It is requested that the file does not exceed 5 MB and the photo or logo can be distinguished



What do our customers say?


I’m from Valencia and I’m going to Fallas with my beautiful fire red personalized blanket to give it all

Laura Martos / Valencia

When I go fishing in the harbour I can hardly feel the current of the winds and I am sheltered and protected.

Marco Andrade / Galicia

I got 10 blankets for my residence with my logo and name. It was quick and easy. I am now a regular customer. I get publicity and my customers are satisfied and happy.

Sergio Zafra / Barcelona

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I communicate with the sillera?

You can fill in the contact form on this website and send your instructions to Whatsapp on +34 686 76 93 04. You can also click on Order Form at the top of this website, fill in the form and send it to

How do I know if what I want is being done?

We will be in touch with you, we will have your mobile phone and we can send you photos to see how your blanket is doing.

How the payment works?

Firstly, after viewing your wish list, we will make an estimate for materials and labour and send you an invoice. When it is finished you will pay the other half and we will send you the blanket.

which colours and print can I choose?

We work with a production company and can get the fabrics and prints they offer, after knowing what you want we will look for the one that is closest to what you want showing you the colours and prints available.

In case of a return?

If it is not what you expected and does not meet your needs, you must return the blanket to our address Camino de Albarrate number 9 Albolote Granada 18220. Although the legislation states that in custom-made producers there is no right of withdrawal / return, we will refund the difference by subtracting the cost of materials, labor and transport costs to your account.


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